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General Terms and Conditions Kroatien, Insel Krk, Baska

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1. Booking and Rental Agreement

1.1. A reservation order can be placed by email or telephone.

1.2. Once you have received our booking confirmation, the reservation is binding for us. After receiving the confirmation it is also legally binding for you.

1.3 The tenant is obliged to verify the accurateness of the received booking confirmation immediately and to report any inaccurateness to the landlord. The report of any discrepancy has to be made immediately.

1.4. The person registering explicitly agree to vouch for the contractual liability of all fellow-travellers.

1.5. The rental property may only be used by the number of people listed in the booking confirmation.

1.6. Pets are not permitted.

2. Payment

2.1.In addition to the booking confirmation you will receive information about the time of payment concerning the deposit of 30% as well as the agreed remaining sum.

2.2. If we do not receive any payment on our account by the dates stated in the confirmation, we will treat this as a cancellation. As a consequence, we might charge you a respective fee for compensation (see number 3)

3. Cancellation, Chance in Booking, Alteration of Tenants

3.1. If you wish to cancel your rental agreement, you are entitled to do so at any time – preferably via a written notification. The notification is approved on the day of receipt.

3.2. Cancellation fees:

until 60 days before: no charge

59-30 days before: 30 % of the total price

29-14 days before: 50 % of the total price

13-7 days before: 80 % of the total price

6-0 days before: 100 % of the total price

3.3. We recommend you to arrange your own cancellation insurance at your insurance company immediatly after receiving the booking confirmation.

4. Cancellation by the Landlord

4.1. We have the right to cancel the rental agreement regardless of any stated cancellation time limit if the tenant or any fellow traveller shows disruptive or destructive behaviour despite a previous warning from the landlord and the staying of this person therefore becomes unacceptable to other residents of the house. In this case we claim the entire rental charge.

4.2. In exceptional circumstances (e.g. natural disasters, fire, but also unpredictable and not immediately settable problems with the apartment etc) where the maintainance of the contract is considerably affected or threatened, we reserve the right to cancel the rental agreement. We return the rental charge instantaneously, we can however claim compensation for services already rendered.

5. Warranty

5.1. If a rental contract related service should not be provided by us according to the agreement, you can demand - within an appropriate time limit - the deficiency to be remedied.

5.2. If we cannot remedy the deficiency, a mutual agreement on a reduction of the rental charge can be made.

5.3. We ask you to notify us of any complaints, technical malfunctions or defects of the installation system immediatly.

5.4. Should your stay be considerably affected due to a deficieny and we do not provide for rectification within an appropriate time limit, you may cancel the contract in the form of written notice. You then owe us the amount of the rental charge that includes our services you have used until then, provided that those services were of interest to you.

6. Liability

6.1. Our contractual liability for damages, excluding bodily injuires, is limited to a total of three times the rental charge if a damage was neither caused on purpose nor due to recklessness by us.

6.2. The person registering is liable for careful usage and possible property damages.

6.3. In the event that you lose the key, the replacement of all related cylinder locks will be charged.

7. Receipt and Use of the Apartment

7.1. On the day of arrival you can enter your apartment between 3pm and 7pm. An arrival outside of this time period is only possible if you make an arrangement with us prior to your arrival date. On the day of departure we ask you to vacate the apartment by 10am. We pass the keys and apartment over to you and collects the keys from you on the day of your departure.

7.2. The apartment must be left in a tidy state. We take care of the final cleaning. If certain parts of the apartment are more dirty than to an acceptable extent, we can demand an additional cleaning fee of EUR 15,00 per hour.

7.3. Smoking is not permitted in the apartment! If we should notice that this house rule was violated we reserve the right to charge you an additional cleaning of EUR 15,00 per hour. This includes extensive airing and additional cleaning of decorational and upholstering fabric. If subsequent letting is not possible due to the smell of cigarette smoke, we will have to claim for damages.

7.4. If there occured damages to the apartment or furniture, we have to be informed immediately. As far as the tenant is responsible for the damage, he/she has to replace it where necessary.

7.5. The booked apartment will be prepared for the number of people booked (bed linen and towels). The towels are meant to be used in the apartment only. If they should be used for other purposes, for example short trips or visits to the beach, we will demand compensation.

7.6. The overall furnishings of the apartment are the absolute property of the landlord. They can be used accordingly for the rental period. In case of loss or theft, the tenant has to pay for the missing item. The amount of payment is composed of the original price plus 10% compensation.

8.0 Pool and pool area

Access, stay and use of the pool including the pool area is at your own risk and is only permitted to our guests of Apartment-Baska. The swimming pool has a continuous depth of approximately 1.4 metres. The entire pool area is unattended by the landlord. Therefore, children, minors, underage, physically or mentally handicapped persons and non-swimmers may only enter the pool area with an accompanying and supervisory person and must be supervised by them at all times. The pool rules must be followed without exception. Apartment-Baska, the landlord accepts no liability for accidents in the outdoor, pool and terrace areas, or for loss or theft. The entrances to the pool area are only accessible with a key, code or NFC tag. These gates/entrances must be closed again after entering or leaving the pool area. The pool area is open daily from 8am to 8pm.

9. Longterm Stays

Should you be interested, our apartments can also be booked for a longer period of time, depending on their availability. In this case the following deviating terms apply:

9.1. Instead of a daily rental charge, we offer you an attractive flat fee. Agreements concerning the flat fee have to be made before the beginning of the rental.

9.2. When handing over the key on the day of arrival, we will ask you for a deposit of EUR 500 for additional costs or possible damages to the apartment. The deposit will be refunded on the day of departure after the payment. Any claims for damages that may arise later, such as damages that may not have been detected earlier, will not concern the refund of the deposit.

8.3. When booking for a period of time of more than 4 weeks, the rental charge has to be transfered respectively 21 days in advance before the subsequent 4-weeks rental period (or the residual part of it). In case that we have not received the fee by the first day of the next rental period, number 2.2 applies accordingly.

10. Place of Jurisdiction

According to legal regulations, the place of jurisdiction is the court in Salzburg, Austria.

11. Final Provisions

11.1. Should any of these contractual terms be or become ineffective, this has no effect on the validity of the remaining terms, the validity of all other terms is not affected. The ineffective term is replaced by a corresponding term that comes closest to the ineffective term concerning its economic meaning and legally allowed manner.


If you should have any questions or concerns regarding any regulations, feel free to contact us at any time.



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